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REBT CBT Book: title, Unfit for Therapeutic Purposes

Dramatic video presentation on Rational and Cognitive therapy...

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He was born into a world that was so emotionally cold that it would be a miracle if he merely survived, with no real chance of living and growing and blossoming into a vital human being.

Thirty-six generations of his ancestors had been crushed by the jackboot of an invading empire.  They were treated like dirt.  Robbed of their humanity.  Consigned to the dustbins of history as a margin note; and an unflattering one at that.

But against all the odds, the empire was driven out, only to be replaced by a group of broken gombeen men; products of too much denigration and dehumanization to be able to restored the human soul of old Ireland.  They were joined in ‘power’ by a feudal religion which favoured ignorance over knowledge.

Daniel was born into this mess, among the lowest classes of that screwed up society.  He was not to expect anything. He should adapt and conform to the crushing deflation to which he was subjected from the beginning of his life.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

To encounter the mind of another human being - especially one who has been on a particularly exotic or unusual journey through life - is to taste and feel part of their journey.  When the person in question is a remarkable writer, the journey is all the more worthwhile.  Don't waste your time reading the undeveloped.  Seek out the developed mind!

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REBT CBT Book: title, Unfit for Therapeutic Purposes

Many of this author’s criticisms of REBT apply equally to all forms of CBT which utilise the ABC model of human disturbance.
Dr Byrne begins by showing that Dr Ellis was wrong on two major counts:
Firstly, Ellis’s claim that there is a difference in degree of disturb-ability of humans and other animals, and that the cause of that difference is the existence of language, and the capacity that provides to humans to think about their experiences, and to think about their thinking.  Dr Byrne presents scientific evidence to refute this line of reasoning by Dr Ellis.
And secondly, Ellis’s claim that he had evidence (in the form of a foundational case study) that people are upset by their thinking, plus their thinking about their thinking.  In a line by line analysis of the relevant text from Dr Ellis’s 1962 book, Dr Byrne destroys the basis of this false claim.
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